Finding Government Contracts

Finding Government Contracts

Federal and State government entities contract for just about anything, from catering, maintenance, repairs, renovation, excavation, and even kayaks.

Awards for State of Vermont contracts are granted to Vermont owned businesses and there is usually a month or more lead time to prepare a bid, ask questions and, if applicable, give an in person presentation.

Your business may match bids that become available. The key is to either visit the corresponding site to discover what open bids are available or be on a list to receive notifications.

If you’re interested in discovering what bids are open in Vermont, check the Business to Business directory at the Vermont Department of Economic Development.

You’ll also be able to register your business in the Vermont Registry of Businesses, AND, if your business fits the categories of Lodging, Dining, Recreation, Attractions, or Shopping, you may add your business to be listed in the Vermont Travel Planner.

I recommend adding your Vermont business to the Vermont Registry of Businesses and, if applicable, the Vermont Travel Planner.

The Registry will allow you to receive emails when an open statewide contract is available that matches your business.

For more information regarding Federal contracts or to be notified when State of Vermont contract bids open that pertain to your business, please contact the Procurement Technical Assistance Center at the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development.

By Marcia Horne

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