Starting a Business in Vermont

Starting a Business in Vermont

To start a Sole Proprietorship, you will first need to register your DBA (Doing Business As) with the Vermont State Secretary of State’s office. Sounds daunting? It isn’t. To register a DBA with the State of Vermont, you simply need to fill out a short form and send $50 to the Secretary of State’s office. Trade Name Registration for Vermont

Your work might be subject to Vermont State Sales Tax. Please call the VT State Secretary of State’s office with your questions. They are very helpful.

You might also be interested in starting the following:

Profit Corporation (General or Close)

Professional Corporation (Profit Corporation)

Benefit Corporation (Profit Corporation)

Limited Liability Company (LLC, PLC or L3C)

Nonprofit Corporation

Unincorporated Association (Unincorporated Nonprofit Association)

Cooperative Corporation (Consumers,’ Marketing, Railroad, Workers, or Housing)

Mutual Benefit Enterprise (MBE) a.k.a. Limited Cooperative Association (LCA)

Limited Liability Partnership

Limited Partnership

General Partnership

Getting Your Business Off the Ground

Well, you’ve just started a business and you need to get it up off the ground. You’ll likely be interested in a logo design, outdoor sign, business cards, a brochure and a website. These things cost money that you might have available or not. In either case, I recommend the following:
Introduce your new venture to the people that you know and that you believe would be likely to do business with you, such as; family, friends and those you do business with. Why? Because these people know you, and, as a result, are more likely to do business with you.

With this effort, you’ll probably find some work. Believe it or not, you’ve just utilized direct marketing to initiate sales.

When you’re hired be sure to ask for a testimonial, such as a written statement explaining how happy your new client is with your work and referrals.
AND -the simple question, “Do you know anyone who might be interested…?” Asking for referrals can bring in thousands of dollars in business in a short time.

By Marcia Horne

Marcia Horne is a Digital Media/Digital Marketing and Internet Product and Service Specialist.

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