Technical Assistance for Websites

Digital Media Vermont provides technical assistance for websites that we’ve built or customized as wel as for and for those we haven’t.

For our clients, we’ll generally provide whatever technical assistance is necessary as a free service.

However, if you have a website, including an Online store, that isn’t working properly, it very likely isn’t the bitter end of a work that may have served your business fairly well- for while.

It could be a functionality issue within the site itself, a server side issue, or something else. No matter what the problem is, we’ll have a look and, very likely, be able to bring your site back to a rendering state.

Fee for Site Recovery

Hiring Digital Media Vermont for technical assistance generlaly incurs our standard $100 fee. For more time consuming issues, we’ll be back to you with a quote.

In the meantime, if you’d like to get started please complete the form below. You may be interested in receiving either a quote or immediate service.

For immediate service please submit a $100 payment using the Site Restore $100 Button at the bottom of the page in addition to the form message fields requesting details of the problem.

Otherwise, we’ll respond to your submission with what details we may provide and a quote for service.

Upon receipt of your payment, we’ll create a backup of your site that will be made available to you.

Site recovery at Digital Media Vermont usually occurs within 24 hours.

We’ll accept your $100 fee for service after the issue is resolved and send to you an explanaition of the problem that caused it.

If the issue is not able to be resolved without additional work requiring a higher fee for our service, we’ll send back to you the technical service fee of $100 and be back to you with a quote.

All work for Site Recovery is done with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If we can’t fix it, we’ll send back to you 100% of our fee.

**Disruptions to a site’s renderability sometimes occur due to a failure to renew the yearly/monthly costs associated with websites. Those costs include website hosting, Domain Name Registraiton, SSL, customizable template design app accessibility and other applications associated with a website.

Please review all subscriptions to make sure they are up to date before contacting us.

Buy Online!

For immediate assistance please send in your payment using PayPal by clicking the button below with some of your details. We also need the form field above completed in order to assist you.

We’ll be back to you shortly.

Site Recovery