Digital Marketing Tools

The Internet is a powerful medium of exchange that can connect a business to customers that may be as many as thousands of miles away- or just outside one’s door.

Digital Media Vermont is a retailer of Go Daddy products and services, a recognized Digital Media/Digital Marketing Agent by Google, Bing and YEXT, and an Affiliate of Ecwid E-Commerce and Shopify E-Commerce Solutions.

The Website

Certainly a website is a key component of any digital marketing strategy.

A website is available to anyone who is surfing the Net24 hours a day, seven days a week. A website for a business includes a presentation of the product or service that a business provides, Business hours and an interactive map are also key inclusions. AND- in today’s environment, being mobile ready is a must.

Here’s a helpful hint- a website for a business that presents products or services in detail is generally far more successful in bringing business to the door than a website that simply posts general information.

That detail will hopefully include product photos and prices. Also ingredients or other specifics as are applicable are also very effective.

This strategy accomplishes two goals; optimization of the site and its pages on the Internet and customer gratification, in that, customers are able to shop for what they need before phoning or visiting the retail location.

Consider the consumer, who desperately needs a specific type of, for example, bike. Not everyone carrys the bike that he would buy in a heartbeat if he could find it. Fortunately, the local bike shop just uploaded a product page with the exact type of bike that this customer is looking for. The customer does a search on the Internet for the bike. The Internet presents the bike shop and its specific product in search results. The consumer has found exactly what he is looking for and, if he can, will readily buy it. ...More

Email Marketing

Email marketing has evolved over the past decade into an extremely effective Online marketing tool.

Email marketing efforts may include notifications presenting SALE events, concerts or weekly specials. Email marketing may also notify one’s existing customers of service and repair reminders, such as an auto mechanic who sends reminders to his customers for their next oil change.

Keep in mind that an email marketing platform must have within each letter an Unsubscribe option – usually located at the bottom of the email sent to one’s list in order to be legal. AND- avoid sending SPAM. SPAM is generally ineffective and can lead to litigation.

List Gathering

Many websites include an Email Subscriber Sign Up Form that usually pops up. Another simple way to gather many names is, of course, to have at one’s business location a sign up sheet. Some businesses might include long standing customers and email contacts that go back for years.

For an active business, it shouldn’t take too long to develop a viable list. …More

E-Commerce and Marketplaces

Varying e-commerce solutions are currently available that can accommodate virtually any wholesale, retail or business service framework. Marketplaces include; Google Shopping Network, Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Instagram and others that can extend the reach of one’s Online store considerably. Additional monthly fees may apply. …More

Social Media

Effective Social Media platforms relative to marketing one’s business include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and others.

In each case, an active Social Media platform is generally effective, with posts, events and business information extending to a specific audience in a user friendly environment. Photo and video inclusions are an effective component of social media marketing strategies. …More


Available apps range from scanner coding event ticket sales to Online appointment booking and reservations to Live Chat made available on your website, Live Web Cam and much more. Basically, define what you need. There is very likely an app that can do the work.

Digital Media Vermont, along with our work platform of providing website maintenance and revision for existing websites, can integrate web applicaitons into virutally any website.

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